How to Play

Our site is designed to help users with a newfound love for stock and cryptocurrency trading. It will help you grow your trading and investing skills without financial risk.

Get adventurous and learn your risk tolerance while tracking profit and loss records without any of the real-life risks.

What is the starting cash? Each player begins the game with a cash balance of $50,000 to invest.

What is the diversification rule? The diversification rule states that players cannot enter a position worth more than 20% of their total portfolio in a single stock. For example, if you have $50,000 in a portfolio and a 20% diversification position limit, you can only invest up to $20,000 in BHP stock.

How much is brokerage? Like actual share trading, brokerage costs are incurred whenever you buy or sell. We have set the brokerage fee to $19.95. A buy-and-sell order is $39.90.

What is the minimum amount of shares I am able to purchase? Your initial purchase of any particular stock must be at least $500 (excluding brokerage). Once you have already bought $500 worth of stock in a particular company, subsequent trades can be of smaller value (of the same stock).

What happens if my shares receive a dividend? The current version of StockWatch does not take into account dividends. Or Yes, the StockWatch game pays dividends. Stock and cash dividends and stock splits are automatically computed into portfolios.

Do I earn interest on my cash balance? Surplus cash is treated as cash in hand, i.e. cash that will NOT earn you any interest.

Is there a trading limit per day? Beginners usually lose a lot of money on share basics such as trading too frequently and not considering the brokerage cost. We have made a 10 trade limit per day.