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Mr Samuel Monk's Stock Picks

Mr Samuel Monk

Since becoming involved in the StockWatch share trading game we have seen some people with a very limited understanding of the stock market produce some impressive results, even outperforming those with a more strategic approach. So we have to ask ourselves this question. Can a monkey beat us at our own game? Going by the success of Mr. Adam Monk (an actual 35-year-old cinnamon-ring tail cebus monkey from Brazil) a stock analyst for the Chicago Sun Times, yes...yes they can.

But we want to see it for ourselves.

Unfortunately, due to local quarantine laws (amongst others), we are unable to secure our own monkey to put this to the test. What we have done instead is carry out the dartboard test using an actual dartboard, the top 200 companies and our mediocre dartboard skills to pinpoint 15 random companies from the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). We will call this player, Mr. Samuel Monk.

So there you have it. 15 random companies, each with roughly $3300 in stocks, so we can now compare the performance of our well respected Mr. Samuel Monk to our own strategies and rankings on the leader board.

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Below are the shares that Mr. Samuel Monk has picked.

Game 2:

Code Company Name Quantity Purchased At
ABC Adelaide Brighton Limited 1650 $1.94
NXS Nexus Energy Limited 6900 $0.475
CCL Coca-Cola Amatil Limited 390 $8.55
LNN Lion Nathan Limited 410 $7.88
SGX Sino Gold Mining Limited 705 $4.68
CGF Challenger Financial Services Group Limited 2250 $1.455
FLX Felix Resources Limited 435 $7.63
CPU Computershare Limited 460 $7.16
PPT Perpetual Limited 104 $31.15
GCL Gloucester Coal Limited 1080 $3.00
PPX Paperlinx Limited 2090 $1.07
ANN Ansell Limited 255 $12.66
MCW Macquarie Countrywide Trust 16250 $0.20
CPA Commonwealth Property Office Fund 3000 $1.06
SKI Spark Infrastructure Group 2950 $1.11

Game: 3

Code Company Name Quantity Purchased At
AWE Australian WorldWide Exploration Limited 1315 $2.54
AXA AXA Asia Pacific Holdings Limited 773 $4.25
MMX Murchison Metals Ltd 1587 $2.10
ERA Energy Resources Of Australia Limited 127 $25.80
SBM St Barbara Limited 15000 $0.22
MCW Macquarie Countrywide Trust 6400 $0.51
CXP Corporate Express Australia Limited 858 $3.85
SPN Sp Ausnet 4243 $0.785
DOW Downer Edi Limited 522 $6.32
ORI Orica Limited 150 $22.14
MTS Metcash Limited 791 $4.18
STO Santos Limited 229 $14.46
ANZ Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited 169 $19.66
AQA Aquila Resources Limited 484 $6.81
MCR Mincor Resources NL 1223 $2.70